BizWorks Builder by BB Bookwork’s Inc

BizWorks Builder by BB Bookwork’s Inc is a dynamic small business development program for truck drivers, contractors and real estate investors. Small business drives the United States economy. We are dedicated to helping small business owners to builder stronger business models.

The program is a 12-month intensive business development program. Helpful for small business owners seeking to improve business scoring, reputation, and cash flow management success. 

BizWorks Builder is best for the following:

  • Independent Trucking companies and truckers.
    • Other transportation businesses may qualify for program participation.
  • Small business contractors
    • Real estate investors (that are involved in the property management and or rehabilitation process).
      • Must have need for supplier trade accounts.
    • Carpenters, flooring professionals, restoration
    • Roofers, home improvement contractors, cleaning companies
    • Commercial contractors
  • Small retail businesses
    • Cafe, restaurants
    • Clothing stores
    • Auto repair, auto body shops

The features are amazing. Better yet, the program places your business in a better position. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Business Bureau Registrations
  • Compliance Review/Alerts
    • UCC Checks + Strategy
  • Trade Line Building
    • Build a Portfolio of Business Trade Lines
    • Business Credit Cards, Corporate Accounts
  • Cash Flow Management Resources
  • BizWorks Builder Portal
  • Monthly Strategy Sessions
  • Premier Networking
  • Business Plannng (know your key Ratios)

Please do not hestitate to contact our team to setup a free initial consultation.

United States veterans are available for savings. We honor and respect those that have served our nation and those that protect our communities.