Advanced Business Builder

Advanced Business Builder is our specialized business growth program. The aim of the program is to coach small business owners through building a stronger business model.

Advanced Business Builder helps with producing effective operations, networking, marketing, cash flow management, accounting, and establishing a strong company reputation. 

Some of our success over the years:

  • Assisted hundreds of business owners with the Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL), Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and other programs.
  • Assisted hundreds of businesses with developing effective business scoring. Popular with banks, lenders, and community programs.
  • Resource building for business financing on thousands of transactions for over one thousand clients.

The economic impact of our work surpassed $100 Million. Over 1,000 small businesses have been improved and can access better growth tools.

About Advanced Business Builder

Our business builder is an advanced, dynamic small business development program that is owned and operated by BB Bookwork’s Inc. The program is a 12-month intensive business development program. Helpful for small business owners seeking to improve business scoring, reputation, and cash flow. 

Must be a registered United States business. This is the number one requirement to participate in Advanced Business Builder.

The program is best for the following business types:

  • Independent Trucking companies and truckers
  • Small business contractors
    • Real estate investors
    • Carpenters, flooring professionals
    • Roofers, home improvement contractors
    • Commercial contractors
  • Small retail businesses
    • Cafe, restaurants
    • Clothing stores
    • Auto repair, shops

This is a limited list. If you would like to discuss our program and if it will benefit your business contact our team


Program Features

Our program was designed only after a successful pilot program. The features are amazing. Better yet, the program places your business in a better position. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Business Bureau Registrations
  • Compliance Review/Alerts
    • Uniform Commercial Code Check (UCC)
  • Trade Line Building
    • Add real trade lines to help cash flow levels
    • Build company reputation with top providers
  • Cash Flow Management Analysis
  • Resource Building
  • Business Builder Portal
    • Schedule with Tasks
    • Secure Folders
    • Free Training Library and Handouts
    • Portal Communication (IM, Internal Emails, Notes)
    • Business Score Updates
  • Monthly Consulting Sessions
    • Premier Finance Networking
    • Client Perks
    • Business Coaching

Please do not hesitate to contact our team to set up a free initial consultation. United States veterans are available for savings. We honor and respect those that have served our nation and those that protect our communities.