Successful in helping hundreds of clients establish, build and maintain positive business scoring. Assisted with the establishment of thousands of trade-lines. Take time to learn about BB Bookworks. It will be one of the better decisions of 2021.

Our team has over 25 YEARS assistance CLIENTS  from every industry sector in the United States. We have assisted over 200 business owners with establishing business credit and meeting financing objectives.



Our services are associated with helping small business owners and entrepreneurs in building business credit to access tools for growth, cash flow management and operational excellence. Learn more about BB Bookworks.

Business planning is a very important part of setting company objectives. Our team is experienced in assisting companies and small business owners with identifying key goals. We have developed over 700 business models for small business owners.

About BB Bookworks

Dedicated to America's Small Business Community

Our dedication is to all small business owners in the United States. The mission is to help as many small businesses and startups to gain traction. We believe small business is the key to a healthier US business environment.


One area that sets us apart is that we help individuals achieve their objectives at their pace and upon their terms. Our methods apply critical thought to each process and objective of the business owner. America’s business climate is very diverse and filled with wonderful passionate people.


Financial Services - 25 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Business Scoring - 3 years
Marketing Data - 15 years
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