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We are a Leader in the Business Development space.

We operated several programs designed to help America’s small business owners build stronger operations for optimal business performance. One business may need help fixing their QuickBooks datafile, while another may need to learn how to build excellent business credit. We can help either way. 

We assist with:

Lenders, suppliers, potential clients, and others are looking at specific metrics when deciding to provide a proposal. This is where we can help.

Our clients access more business financing, better terms, and opportunities. They have stronger cash flow management. They have the ability to know where their business stands at any time. Key when speaking with lenders, investors and contract awarders. 

We are dedicated to America's small business community.


Businesses Helped Since 2019


We’ve built a network of United States based consultants and capital groups. The number one focus is on helping small business owners and real estate investors to increase sales, portfolios, and profits.

We win when YOU win. 

If you desire to collaborate with us or have a project that needs to be evaluated, contact us to receive a free consultation.

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BizWorks Builder

A resource website for small business owners from the United States and Canada. Small business is key to helping all people live better lives. CLICK HERE to visit BizWorks Builder. 

Public Square

Public Square is a great shopping marketplace. Over 75,000 small businesses are listed on their platform. So much value. 

Advanced Business Builder

The key to success is having a well-design strategy and the willingness to follow the strategy. “All hard work yield profit, but mere talk leads to poverty”. Are you ready to take action to build your small business? To achieve extensive growth?

If yes, contact us today to enroll in Advanced Business Builder.

Business Data Integrity: establishing, improving, and maintaining.

Compliance: UCC reviews, business intelligence, and public records.

Reporting, Accounting: complying with reporting requirements.

Growth Planning: build an effective strategy. Act on the strategy.

Responsible Business Development: maintaining a cash flow management plan and policy.

Advanced Business Builder is an Annual Program that empowers your business to achieve more.

Commercial and Investment Real Estate

Having a Plan to Build a Portfolio

Real estate investing is one area that promotes independence, freedom of choice, unlimited income options, and sustainable portfolio building. You can utilize specific tools to build a rental portfolio, or own a commercial builder where your business is located. You can also do quick “fix-and-flips’ of property that needs a little TLC.