Learn to thrive through careful planning.


Connect with other like-minded business owners. 


Build local economics that rely less on large firms.


Increase profits margins through cost reduction.

About us

BB Bookworks Inc helps small business plan for a better future.

BB Bookworks Inc is a Delaware Corporation with offices located along the East Coast of the United States. We assist small business owners with financial modeling.

Strength through Patient Planning and Action.

As a small business owner you must have a tough exterior. Regardless of what the governments do to you, you can thrive through planning, hard work and delivering for your customers.

Defendable Infrastructure

Develop a business structure that can withstand difficulties and defend itself from unfair practices and regulations.

Improve Cash Flow

The key to disaster survival is having cash flow and cash flow management tools available.  Plan to survive.

What we offer

BB Bookworks Inc offers the following services to United States small business owners and individuals.


We help business owners plan. Building plans that prep the business for success.

Financial Models

Do you have a cash Flow Management plan? We can help you create one.


Create your own economic path that does not rely on gov or larger companies.

Real Estate $$

Is it time to add value through real estate? Should your business add real estate?

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Our aim this blog is to provide insights into current trends, potential resources and operational ideas. If you would like a special blog post on a topic let us know.

It is no doubt that inflation is coming. In fact, some inflation is already here. Gas prices are up, food prices are up, and other prices have risen due to demand. How will gas prices affect everything that needs to be shipped? Are you prepared for the price increases? Will these price increases affect your business?
If you have not received a PPP loan before, First Draw PPP Loans may be available to you.
For business owners, cash flow issues are often as disconcerting as revenue and profit issues. Slow or diminishing cash flow can have several profound effects on small business. Cash flow is generated when the business sells goods or services for cash or collects payments on accounts from customers.

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