BB Bookworks Inc assists small business owners with developing budgets and operational plans that improve company efficiency. We’ve been assisting small business owners since 2019. 

Most small businesses that close are due to lack of planning. Many waste precious growth capital due to late filing fees, expensive startup capital and other inefficient early-stage business areas. 

  • Plan for Success
  • Operate for Success
  • Market for Success

We help small business owners to plan, add resources and prepare profiles that promote stronger financial ratios. Contact our team at [email protected] for a free consultation.


Important News: The Employee Retention Credit is now available for qualified small businesses. Click Here to learn more.

We Specialize in Real Estate and Transportation

Budget, Planning and More

Do you have a plan? How do you decide on how your business should grow? Do you know the ramifications of accepting a new loan or buying equipment? How these new items will affect financial ratios, taxes and other areas of business?

Take the guessing out of business management. We can help you better plan the rollout of new growth.

Contact us for expert assistance in this area. Contact Cynthia at [email protected]

Know Before You Borrow

Borrowing money from any source can have its challenges. These challenges can become a disaster when a business is not prepared. Funding can be delayed or even denied. This can cause the business to seek more expensive funding.

Do you enjoy paying more for the same money?

No one enjoys paying extra interest, points and fees. The reason for these “extra’s” may be related to lack of planning or preparation.

Our team has assisted over a thousand small business owners with preparing for financing. The key is on planning growth and staying with your Growth Plan. 

Contact us for expert assistance in this area. Contact Cynthia at [email protected]