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BB Bookworks is dedicated to providing bookkeeping and accounting solutions for individuals and small business owners. 

The small business is essential to our democratic process and naturally diverse. Much of 2020 has been challenging on the small business community. BB Bookworks is dedicated to helping your business navigate these challenging time.

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Welcome Small Business Owners

The struggle is real. Corporate leaders, politicians and industry experts are at a loss on how to recover from this type of crisis. It is hard to blame them. All their expertise has been diminished. Mistakes have been made and small businesses destroyed.

It is now time to “Take Control” of your future.

Small business is and always will be the support for any free society. Naturally creative and diverse. Made up of community members that care about the people they serve and employ. The most reliable resource to keep our freedoms and build a sustainable economic powerhouse. The small business community will lead us out of this economic downturn.

Did you know?

Small Business Makes up 57% of US jobs?

We need to help small business recover.

Percent of Exporting Firm

They sustain our economy.

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Twenty five years experience in business development. 


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Accounting, bookkeeping and business credit building

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Advanced Small Business Consulting

  • Survival Plan
  • Effective Budget, Projections
  • Bridge loan submissions
  • Business Retool Evaluation
  • Customer Interaction Strategy