BB Bookworks Inc has grown into one of the best providers of small business business consulting services. We work side-by-side with small business owners to help transform them into highly effective income producing companies. We provide expert advice and recommendations.Entity Formation

With in-depth finance knowledge and experience, our business consultants understand unique market opportunities and challenges. We collaborate closely to drive their performance and results to higher levels.

We work with many small business type’s. Trucking companies, transportation, contractors, construction, hair salons, retail shops and others. Position your small business to gain access to essential capital throughout its lifecycle.


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Small Business Building Services

Our services are tailored toward small businesses that have 25 employees or less. Each small business owner is treated with respect and carefully assisted in the development of their business. Business development based on the mission, passion and aim of each business owner.

Services include: business credit building, business planning, financial modeling and bookkeeping.

When was the last time you did a Cash Flow Analysis?

Do you know your Business Credit Scores?

Small Business Consulting

Stop guessing and start following a clear path.

You can build an excellent business credit profile that empowers your business to gain respect with lenders, suppliers, larger companies and municipalities. 

Corporate Credit

Cash Flow Plan

Business Planning

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Business Credit