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Business Services for Small Business

BB Bookwork’s Inc was founded in 2019. Our aim was to help America’s small business community to develop stronger revenue channels within our communities. Since that time many challenges have impacted small business. From Covid-19 to the incredible mismanagement of our economy by government. The small business community is doing its’ best to survive. We work tirelessly to help small business owners.

Business Planning

Business planning is one of the most important areas that a business owner should invest time and money into. Having a solid business plan is essential to the survival of the business. We assist with business planning, business plan writing, investor pitch plans, and creating budget projections. 

Business Plan

Business Credit Consulting

One of the most misunderstood areas of business management, business credit is vital in today’s digital lending environment. Most business owners neglect to develop business scores with the top bureaus. Little do they know that lenders, potential partners and suppliers are accessing business data without their knowledge. 

BB Bookworks

Business credit is your company’s reputation. It details payment history, UCC data, judgements, liens, and other data. This data should be managed. Banks, lenders, suppliers and even the SBA may be pulling inaccurate data about your business. Control the message. Take control today.

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