Real Estate Presenting

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Real estate investors are always looking for new ways to bring in money. And who can blame them. More money allows for more opportunities. The key is in Real Estate Presenting. How well a project is presented can “make” or “break” an opportunity.

Sources of financing include:

  • Family, friends, self
  • Venture partners
  • Investors
  • Hard Money Lenders
  • Banks, Lending Institutions
  • Using available equity (collateral)

We all know the challenges of financing a project using hard money. Or having the Loan-to-Value Ration changed due to personal credit issues. This brings the desire to fund more projects using investors or venture partners. Others look to create an Investor Pool. A model where investor funds are pooled to invest in special transaction types.

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Why you Should have a Real Estate Presentation

If you were going to invest in something, would you just hear about the idea or look to read more about the opportunity? Would you investigate the opportunity prior to investing? The majority of people would read the investment brief, proposal or prospectus. Few would blindly invest.

There are various tools that are useful for real estate presentations:

These tools help you share your vision with other. It also helps to detail how someone would realize return-on-investment. Describes management, market analysis, trends and what makes your opportunity special.

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