Term Loans and Unsecured Business Credit

BB Bookwork’s Inc works with specific partners to deliver Term Loans and Unsecured Business Credit for America’s small business owners.

It is time to get financing that favors business health and wellness. Fair terms with financing tools that grow along with the business. Reduce the need for expensive “fast” money with the right Cash Flow management tools. Contact Cynthia at BB Bookwork’s Inc at [email protected]

Term Loan Decription

A term loan provides business borrowers with a lump sum of upfront cash under determined borrowing terms. The business agrees to specific repayment terms/schedule. Terms are generally 3-7 years in length. 

Unsecured Business Credit Description

An unsecured business credit line does not require physical collateral (such as inventory or equipment) for financing. Due to the unsecured nature of the financing there may be points and higher interest.
Unsecured business credit lines can be a good option for small business owners to finance operations or a new project.
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