Biz Fix It Pro by BB Bookwork’s Inc

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Business Fix It Pro was launched under the name Biz Fix It Pro. The purpose is to assist specific business owners with fixing business issues. 

Our four month Business Fix It Pro schedule is loaded with benefits for participants. From business score building to dealing with business tax issues, we help you deal with it all. 

Biz Fix It Pro is a Four Month Program

Our program is designed for small trucking companies, home contractors, independent restaurants owners, and small retail shops. We serve small businesses in the United States.

The primary objective is to help your business solve specific issues that are holding the business back from reaching its potential. Issues that generally affect a business are lack of business scoring, heavy debt, lack of working capital, past due taxes, tax liens, deficient operational control, budget control, marketing approach, and other areas of small business management.


  • Business Score Building
  • Solving Payroll Issues
  • Business Tax Consulting
  • Business Planning
  • Financing Preparation
  • Forecasting Growth
  • Business Coaching

We work hard to ensure that our services advance the goals of your business.

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