Millions of New Worker’s in Time for A.I.

It is amazing to see the actions of our government. Letting in millions of new workers to solve a temporary shortage of workers while investing in Artificial Intelligence. The investment into A.I. will reduce the number of available jobs over the next few years.

This does not make sense.

What will happen to the tens of millions that do not have a job? Not working has a negative effect on society. Things can get much worse if
tens of millions more are receiving government help and have nothing tangible to do.

We need to pray for good leaders. Leaders with ideas.

Small Business Saves the Day

As you can tell, small business has been saving us. Small business will save the day once again. Whether it is microbusiness, part time
hobby business, or small businesses, our economy and neighborhoods will be saved by these groups.

Larger companies are investing heavily into technologies that will replace people. This may be “innovative” but the impact on
society is not always thought out. Technology is only as good as its benefits to society.

The majority of small business owners have friends, family members and close associates that they care deeply about. Most have a
conscience. This is a good thing. They tend to handle business much differently than larger companies. We need more Small Business and less Big Business.

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